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I do not offer any activities that are illegal, inherently sexual in nature, or non consensual. 

If your application contains language such as "i have no limits" or "do whatever you want to me", your application will be rejected. 

I do not switch or submit.

I do not cater to overly scripted scenes or encounters.

Intimacy and kink are healing, but your time with Me is not a substitute for clinical therapy or other comparable care. 

My hard limits for play time are as follows:​

  • advanced rope bondage/rope suspension

  • blackmail fantasies or IRL blackmail

  • fetish wrestling/martial arts

  • race play

  • roman showers

  • sounding*

  • verbal humiliation concerning weight, race or physical ability

*I am taking a refresher course on sounding and hope to offer this service some time in late 2023.


If you do not see your desires on this list, email Me with respectful inquiries.

  • bi & queer encouragement

  • body worship

  • body hair fetish & worship

  • bondage (rope, leather bondage, gear bondage)

  • boot & heel worship

  • breath play

  • CBT

  • chastity & keyholding (short-term and long term)

  • consensual non-consent

  • confinement (short-term and long-term)

  • directed self-pleasuring

  • domestic servitude

  • edging, orgasm control & denial

  • exhibitionism + public play

  • face slapping

  • fear play

  • fisting

  • FTT (+100)

  • gender play (feminization, masculinization, cross dressing)

  • gender exploration & transformation

  • human furniture

  • humiliation & erotic embarrassment

  • impact play (canes, floggers, paddles, crops)

  • isolation play

  • material fetish (rubber, leather, latex, hosiery)

  • medical fetish play

  • mummification

  • nipple torment

  • objectification

  • pet play (puppy, kitten, piggy)

  • play piercing/needle play

  • prostate training/play

  • roleplay

  • sensation play

  • sensory deprivation

  • scent play (body aroma worship)

  • smothering, face-sitting

  • spitting

  • strap-on play

  • tease & denial, tie & tease

  • tickling

  • watersports

  • wet and messy play


First, check in with yourself - meditate on how you want to feel during and after our time together, and clarify your motivations. The more vulnerable and specific your intentions and goals are in your application, the more energy I can return and manifest in our session.

I only consider applications sent using My intake form on this website.

On My intake form I will require:

  • at least 2 methods of contact - email and phone number

  • your city/town - the city you prefer to meet in; please reference My FMTY rates for requests outside of Madison and Chicago

  • 1-2 references from another provider(s) - include contact information or websites, and social media handles. References must have been seen within the last year. Make sure you ask permission to use them as references and tip them for their time! If you do not have references I require a brief paid phone consultation, which you can book through My virtual session application form.

  • Government Issued Photo ID - Please ensure that your date of birth, photo and name are visible. You may blur your address if you prefer. All photos sent to Me will be deleted after the screening process is complete to ensure your privacy and security.

I expect all applicants to have read My entire website and understand My rates, policies and boundaries. Please allow at least 36hrs for a response; I do not send or read correspondence outside the hours of 10am-10pm, and do not answer any correspondence on Tuesdays.

I will send you an email to coordinate a session date if your application passes My inspection. Your session date will only be confirmed and in My calender once you have paid your deposit (see Deposit details). I prefer CashApp payments, but accept Etsy and Amazon giftcards in the amount of the required deposit. I will accept the rest of My payment in cash in person, in a discreet envelope.



I never accept day-of requests from new applicants. If you are in the Madison area and have seen Me before, I may accommodate on short notice at My discretion.

I require bookings at least 72hrs in advance of your preferred time so I have time to check your references and complete the screening process. I prefer bookings to be confirmed at least a week or more in advance of the requested date, and always ask that applicants provide Me with at least 3 dates/times that you will be available.


Day of our session:

Send a negative COVID 19 test the evening before or morning-of our session.

A hotel or rental dungeon space should already be booked for our time together, under your name (I only see clients for outcalls in their homes if I know them well and have established trust). The morning of our appointment, you will need to confirm that you are on-schedule by text or email. 

Do not be late; if you are running late communicate that with Me ASAP. If you tend to run late to things, plan to arrive early. Bring your tribute in a discreet envelope. All payments are understood as an exchange for My time.

Be freshly showered and groomed - this means showering immediately before our session, not just the morning of. Good hygiene is mandatory. Please abstain from fragrances, besides your everyday deodorant. Douching isn’t mandatory but is recommended for strap-on play. Be well hydrated and eat a light snack before our session. If you have any specialty medical devices (e.g., inhaler, walker) you need, please bring them to the session to prevent medical emergencies.

Please be prepared to turn your phone off and put it in a visible place at the beginning of our session.

For a virtual or phone session, make sure you're in a quiet, relaxing environment where you won't experience unwelcome interruptions. 


My hourly in-person tribute starts at 350/hr with a 1hr minimum for standard BDSM sessions, and 450/hr with a 90 minute minimum for GFE sessions. My rates for virtual sessions may be found here.

I offer discounted rates to folks in the adult industry, and queer BIPOC.

As I do not have a dedicated incall space at this time, I require applicants to cover the cost up front of an upscale hotel room or the hourly cost of a rental dungeon space. Any meals and local travel expenses incurred are covered by the applicant.

Deposits for In-Person:

A deposit of 30% of My service fee is required for all in-person experiences booked in Madison or Chicago.

50% deposit for all national FMTY experiences.

75% deposit for international FMTY experiences.


Deposits for Virtual:

100% of My tribute must be paid up front for phone session, video sessions and texting plans external to Niteflirt. 



50% deposit is required for all national FMTY experiences. Ample notice is best, so that I can arrange for My travel and accomodations.

I charge a flat FMTY travel fee to cover these accomodations, on top of My hourly rate.

These costs will be paid up front in addition to My deposit after the date and time for your session is approved.

Please note that there are higher minimum times for booking if I have to travel further! 


There is a 75% deposit required, in addition to a flat travel fee to cover the cost of My transportation and My lodging expenses. I require a detailed itinerary ahead of time.

Session Minimums for FMTY Inquiries

East Coast - 8hr minimum

West Coast - 8hr minimum

Deep South - 16hr minimum

International - 48hr minimum

Please note that I require at least 24 hours to rest after I land in My destination to be fully rejuvenated and ready for our time together. 

I am an adventurous Sagittarius and constantly crave travel! I Here are some of the cities I'm longing to visit:

Berlin, Germany

Tokyo, Japan

Galway, Ireland


I require rescheduling at least 24hrs in advance of your appointment. I consider anything less than this a late cancellation. In the event of a late cancellation, I will retain the whole of your deposit and the full fee is required upfront to meet in the future.

If you must reschedule (with ample notice), or can reschedule within 2 weeks of your original appointment - I may roll over your partial or full deposit at My discretion.

I do not enforce late fees. However, if you are more than 15 minutes late for our scheduled session or date and have not contacted Me to check-in with an ETA, I will assume you are a no-show.

If you have to cancel due to a positive covid test, I will retain your deposit and roll it over to another session scheduled at least 10 days in the future to ensure you reach a non-contagious status.


I received My vaccine in April 2021. I received My first booster shot in November 2021, and My second booster in April 2022.

I do not see un-vaccinated clients for in-person sessions or dates (this does not apply for those seeking virtual time with Me). I will require you to send a photo attachment of your vaccination card with your intake form.

At least 24 hours before our scheduled time together, I will require you to take a Covid-19 rapid test before seeing Me, and send a picture of the negative test result before we meet in person.

I will extend the same precaution - I always test before seeing subs!

If you have to cancel due to a positive covid test, I will retain your deposit and roll it over to another session scheduled at least 10 days in the future to ensure you reach a non-contagious status.

If in the unlikely event that I must cancel due to a positive test, I will return all deposits to you.


I received My first monkeypox vaccine on August 2022 and received My second dose in September 2022. I follow these guidelines and ask that clients make risk aware decisions based on these guidelines.

These guidelines are copied and pasted from this public document created by Domina Yuki and Mistress Ophelia Margaux. I have pasted the link here:

Screening Questions

People of any gender identity or sexual orientation can contract monkeypox. It is NOT an STI though sex is a way for transmission. These questions are simply for getting a picture and gauging risk. There will be zero shame or judgment from me regardless of what your answers are. Please be honest in order to keep me, yourself and our community safe. If you answer yes, perhaps now is not the best time to make an appointment with me, but I will be happy to see you once you no longer have symptoms.

Anytime in the last 2-3 weeks have you:

(2-3 weeks because incubation period is usually 6-13 days, occasionally up to 21 days)

  • Been to a bathhouse, a crowded place (bar, club, rave, dance floor etc), dungeon, spa, play party.

  • Had physical and/or sexual contact with other sex work providers (escort, domme, massage, etc)?

  • Had intimate or sexual contact with anyone and are those people monogamous to you or nonmonogamous?

  • Had close contact with children or an individual with children whose has mpx cases in their schools, play groups, etc….

…. And you are now experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, headache, muscle aches and backache, swollen lymph nodes (there are 600 throughout the body, but pay especial attention around the carotids, under the jaw line and in the frontal pubic region on the sides of the mons), chills, exhaustion, rectal bleeding or pain/discomfort.

Please examine your body, especially the genital, anal, mouth (inside & out) and hands region thoroughly in bright light. Do you notice a reddened patch, rash, scattered bumps (that can look like pimples, mosquito bites or blisters) in those areas?

Client Screening in Person

  • Examine clients for any unusual lesions, rashes or blisters, especially on the face, inside mouth, hands,  genital and anal region under bright lighting.

  • Wrap plastic wrap around gags so any part of the actual gag is not touching the client.


First, familiarize yourself with My boundaries.

In your application, please make an effort to be thorough and give Me a brief explanation of why you've decided to see a professional FemDom, and any specific fantasies or influences you feel are relevant for Me to know.

I will need a form of ID if you don't have references; this can be a government issued ID such as a license or passport, drivers license, or a LinkedIn Profile with a picture and a valid work email.

If you are uncomfortable sending me a picture of your ID, I am available for a paid consultation in a public place where I will inspect your ID in person (this only applies if you are in the Madison, WI area).


I do not own "slaves", and this is not My preferred terminology when referring to submissives. I enjoy referring to submissives as pets, toys, or devotees.

I only take on serious, long-term personal service submissives who are interested in devotional service and financial domination - otherwise, an extended and immersive dynamic outside of hourly playtime is highly unlikely. If My pleasure and My financial wellbeing is not your first priority, we are not likely to mesh well.

I also only take on serious submissives if there is an established dynamic and trust, meaning I am only likely to take you on in a long-term capacity if you have already proven yourself reliable.


"There is a huge gulf between people  who actually want to be useful and people who want to play at serving someone while only focusing on activities designed to arouse them." - Raven Kaldera, Real Service


I greatly enjoy going on social outings with admirers and like-minded perverts! I do not enjoy being a plus one to private events (weddings, birthdays etc), but am happy to meet you for a concert, drag or burlesque show, or attend a class together! I am especially fond of combining play and social time in extended sessions and dates. Vanilla social time is 200/hr.

Food facts: My favorite foods are sushi and Jamaican BBQ. My cocktail of choice is a tart gimlet.


To schedule a session as a returning client, you may simply email Me with times and dates that may work at I will also look for a payment notification that you have sent a 30% deposit for our session, and will text or email within 12-24hrs to confirm. 

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