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Location: Madison, WI based, available for travel

Pronouns: She/They

Age: 28

Height: 5' 7"

Cup Size: 34D

Shoe Size: 9.5

Body mods: 6 tattoos

Hair: Red, curly

Body Hair: Red, curly and kept all natural

Eyes: Blue

Zodiac: Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon, Libra Rising
Orientation: Pansexual, Queer

Education: BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Favorite Writers: James Baldwin, Laura Westengard, Octavia Butler

Favorite Painters/Illustrators: Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon, HR Giger

Current Listening: Alice in Chains

Gifts: See my carefully curated wishlist, gift card preferences and donation suggestions here.

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Hello, My new pet. I'm so thrilled you've finally discovered Me. you've followed your desires, and now you are in My capable hands - are you ready for what I have to teach you?

My whole life, I have been fascinated by both death and sex. I was (and still am) mesmerized by the fear that surrounds these taboo subjects. It seems only natural that in My late teens/early 20s I began exploring pain, pleasure, and altered states of being through kink, fetish worship, and BDSM.

The pursuit of ego death through engagement with fear, filth, kink and historically repressed forms of sexual expression became My love language.

In My personal kinky play, I have explored kink in submissive and dominant roles and have always been drawn to edgeplay, ritualistic exchange of power and service, and the delicious sacrifice of pure devotion.

In My professional career I am most interested in exploring scenes and dynamics that involve erotic and esoteric ritual, explorations of power exchange, and cathartic play. My ideal devotees possess a similar desire to explore altered and vulnerable states of being for purposes of healing, personal exploration and self-acceptance.

Explore My specialties below...


For a comprehensive guide to My offerings and My hard limits, please visit My FAQs section.

Ritual Sadism

Pain is the most merciless teacher and the most tender tool. My favorite ways to inflict My sadistic desires include impact play, CBT/genital torture, and ritual piercing scenes. How will you suffer for Me?


There is no sacrifice sweeter than a willing blood sacrifice. My attunement to a submissive feels most intimate and complete when I am altering their flesh for My enjoyment. Scalpels, needles, and cupping sets are My favorite tools for risk-aware sanguinary play. Don't be scared, little lamb...

Leather Worship

My fetish for leather is a driving force for Me in all things. Show Me your devotion by learning to properly care for My boot collection and leather wardrobe, and be of service to Me in a most intimate and erotic setting.

Sensual Domination

"The softest touch cuts deeper than the ocean." My touch is My gift, and your curse. My gentle, alto voice and skillful hands are My most powerful tools. Melt as I whisper your fate down the back of your neck, and give soft commands in your ear.

Sensory Play (Sensory Deprivation / Sensory Overwhelm)

Allow Goddess to transform you into a puppet for My entertainment - controlling your breath, movement, your five senses - and find freedom in release. I especially enjoy combining intense heavy leather bondage with edging and other wicked forms of sensory manipulation (pinwheels, hot wax, tease and denial)​​

Body Aroma/Body Hair Worship 

I have an obsession with My own luscious scent and luxurious, rare fur - soon you will too. Beg to experience the essence of an all-natural hairy Mistrix.

Watersports (FTT +100)*

This intimate form of fluid play may look like a quiet, relaxed scene of body worship, or may manifest as a punishing humiliation session. No matter what form of energy exchange you crave, Mistrix is always well-hydrated.

*For pets interested in becoming the ultimate obedient vessel for Goddess, be sure to explore My Human Receptacle Training offering in My in-person options.

Feminization/Gender Play

Allow yourself to give in to your craving for transformation and glamour. I adore being an encouraging, sensual guide on your gender play journey, and especially love to help submissives access their vulnerable (and perhaps slutty!) femme side.



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