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2023 Bucket List

Updated: Mar 22

Here are some of My goals for the New Year, both personal and professional.

1) Learn to use whips now that My old elbow injuries are healed.

2) Travel! My adventurous Sagittarius nature is calling Me to Ireland, Berlin and San Francisco. I am manifesting an eager pet who will book Me for a FMTY and treat Me to a day on the town!

3) Cook more.

4) Read more books - I am a slow reader but am setting the goal of reading at least one book a month this year!

5) Continue to show My submissives how strong they are, and continue to collaborate in perversion and pleasure with My good pets.

6) Go to more drag shows and live music!

7) Learn to sew.

8) Start woodworking again.

9) House renovations - I currently live in an old house and am excited to put My crafty skills to work fixing it up.

10) Film more porn - especially dark, queer, imaginative, surreal, colorful porn!

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