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FIRST BLOG POST! Lust for Leather

Welcome to My first blog post, pervs!

For my first post, I wanted to write about something dear to my wicked heart and essential to my understanding of kink and community - LEATHER, more specifically bootblacking!


During the 2020 quarantine, I taught myself to bootblack through YouTube videos and virtual bootblack socials. I read the book Leatherfolk and watched the documentary Bloodsisters and saw the possibilities of communities built upon the drive for leather, pleasure, and queer liberation. These possibilities give me strength and hope. Caring for my leather became a tactile and sensory mindfulness practice during the pandemic and is a ritual that helps me locate my place in queer history. I also found out, by surprise, that I was aroused by the process and sensory experience of leather and bootblacking.


My freshly conditioned leathers feel like a suit of sexy, smoky, supple armor - they are a reminder to myself of who I am, and the power I possess. The eroticism of having your boots done is built upon ritual and service - I adore hearing sounds of satisfaction as I repeatedly massage Huberd's deep into the pores of My date's motorcycle boots, reaching around and pulling my body in close to their shin to caress the heel and Achilles tendon. I relish watching a bootslut's eyes glaze over as they taste the toe of my vintage BuiltRite combat boots - it's hot on both sides of the exchange. Even when I am bootblacking at an event where no negotiated power dynamic exists, the fact that I am providing a service for my community is sexy and fulfilling.


The Leather Archives: The leather museum and archives. I strongly suggest donating or checking it out in person if you are in Chicago!

Blogs: - Mistress Blunt interviews KD Diamond about boot fetishes and bootblacking!

Porn: - Hot leather worship + watersports scene with Ashley Paige and Ava D'Amore. I highly, HIGHLY recommend subscribing to Mondo Fetiche!


Bootblacking 101: A Handbook (by Andrew McDiarmid)

Leatherfolk (by multiple authors)

Coming to Power (multiple authors, edited by members of the lesbian feminist S/M organization Samois)

YouTube (a bootblacking tutorial from the Mr. S Leather channel) (a bootblacking tutorial from the Reacon app channel) - (a tutorial on how to do a mirror shine)

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