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New Moon Manifestations: My Dream Session Requests

Updated: Jul 24

The New Moon, in astrological terms, offers an opportunity for a fresh start and a release of the past. It is an ideal time to set your intentions for the future and visualize your desires. This blog post is My visualization/manifestation of My desires for future sessions - if you find something in this post calls to you, it is not a coincidence.

Continue below for descriptions of My fantasy session requests.

Sensual Feminization

My approach to feminization is that anyone can be feminized, including people who identify as women and/or femmes. Playing with colors, textures, silhouettes and garments with socially constructed meaning woven into their fabric is a delicious way to play with power and gender, no matter what gender you may have been assigned at birth. I crave feminization scenes that involve luxurious sensory experiences which indulge My own sensual fetishes (silky soft lingerie, makeup, heels, corsets), and involve training pets to harness their vulnerability and claim their desires without shame.

Tickling Scenes

I have yet to do a scene with a submissive who is interested in tickling, and I am itching to make someone laugh until they cry. Tickling as a fetish makes such sense to Me - nonconsensual tickling is such a common social behavior that, especially if you happen to be tickled by someone attractive, the act of being tickled may leave a great imprint on one's erotic imagination. It also makes sense that people enjoy having some of their most sensitive parts in a vulnerable state - besides genitalia, our feet and hands have the most nerve endings. I long to discover how I can manipulate and torture these zones. I also have a fondness for bastinado (foot torture where the top lightly canes the bottom's feet), and I would love to mix this element in with a tickling scene.

Ball-busting in Boots

I love CBT, and I love boots - what better combination of kinks than kicking a little pain slut in the balls with My freshly polished leather combat boots? I long to see the suffering on a lucky submissive's face reflected in My shiny black leather, and to feel their trembling flesh under My heel after a grueling CBB scene.

Blood/Needle play scenes

I crave a blank canvas to manipulate - a good little snack to poke, slice, drain and torment. I am especially fascinated by designs and artistic arrangements using needles, flesh and other elements (ribbon, flowers, ornaments, stenciled designs). I am as creative as I am bloodthirsty - are you My next masterpiece?

Thank you for reading My newest post, little one. I wish all My pets a magical, bountiful New Moon. If a scene with Me is in your fantasies, remember that manifestation doesn't happen without accompanying action - if you've been hesitating to apply but feel stirred by My desires, this is your sign to take the leap and apply.

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